Fairbanks Interior Table Tennis Rules and Regulations

The main purpose of FITT is to promote and enjoy the sport of Table Tennis.
To make this happen, all members and guests of the Fairbanks Interior
Table Tennis are expected to:

1) Treat others with respect and courtesy regardless of age, sex, ethnic
   origin or religion;

2) Bring clean, non-marking gym shoes that have not been worn outside;

3) Change clothes in the bathrooms;

4) Drink only water in the gym;

5) Cooperate in setting up and taking down the equipment for club play and
   special events; (New players please get instructions before folding the

6) Pay your dues and fees on time. Check with the Treasurer to check your

7) Avoid unnecessarily going through a playing area during a point;

8) Try to retrieve any balls hit to another table before they disturb
   play. If a stray ball enters your court during a game play a let;

9) Demonstrate good sportsmanship;

10) When there is a large turn out, make sure everyone gets table time and
    be willing to sit out a round if necessary.

In addition, the following will not be tolerated:

    o Loud, offensive, or disrespectful language;

    o Drinking of an alcoholic beverage or smoking at the playing site;

    o Damage to the club's equipment or the facility.

USATT Rules will govern all tournament matches.

I _______________________________, have read and understand the Rules and
Regulations of the Fairbanks Interior Table Tennis and I agree to follow
these Rules and Regulations as a condition of FITT Membership.  I
understand that these Rules and Regulations are set forth to provide for
the fun and enjoyment of Table Tennis by all members and guests. If I am
concerned with another player's behavior, I will bring it to the attention
of a FITT Board Member in an appropriate manner and share concrete facts to
support my concerns.  I understand that if I do not follow these Rules and
Regulations my membership privileges may be cancelled.